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In the game’s beautiful opening sequence children meet young ’Wolfie’ Mozart as he falls asleep
and dreams a fantastic story of
the Magic Flute.
In his dream, Wolfie travels to the magical kingdom of the Queen of the Night, who has stolen the sun from the world. Wolfie and our young players must save the world with their musical prowess and find the missing Princess Pamina and Prince Tamino. In the enchanted Royal Park Wolfie meets Papageno, the delightfully comical bird-man who will guide and help players in their travels through the magical kingdom.

The Pond Game
Memory matching game with unlimited playtime
– Multiple levels of play

The Tree Game
Game of musical phrases
- Multiple levels of play

The Gazebo Game
Fun and Unique Music Jigsaw Puzzles
–Multiple games

The Castle Game
Truly Twisted Music Riddles
- Multiple games

The Bonus Orchestra Game
Put together the whole Orchestra!

The Air Balloon Game
Match the sounds to their instruments
–Multiple games

The Finest Music Trivia
Interactive Mozart, Magic Flute and music trivia!

Other Unique Features:

Interactive Encyclopaedia of Musical Instruments
Meet the PC Philharmonic!

The Mozart Jukebox
An extensive selection of Mozart’s greatest music, including the complete Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, Symphony No. 40 and much more!

The Magic Flute Tale
The original Magic Flute story retold

Mozart’s Biography
The life of a great composer

Papageno’s Bird Feathers
Entertaining stories of Mozart’s colourful life


Ages: 5 and Up.

System Requirements: Windows 98 or higher, Pentium III 360 MHz or higher, 128MB RAM, 250 MB available on Hard Drive
Aural discrimination
Audio and visual memory
Critical thinking
Problem solving skills
Pattern recognition
Listening skills
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